Range Rover Suspension Problems

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2006 Land Rover Range Rover Sport Supercharged 4.2L (3) 6-spd (6HP26)
Pressure Does Not Decrease When Venting Gallery
Air Supply

I was called to program a Ride Control Compressor Module for a Range Rover this past week. I was able to program the module without any problems. When attempting to calibrate the ride height, the vehicle is unable to lift. The compressor comes on then there is a very short burst of air. (vent valve) This repeats without the vehicle lifting. The calibration program has to be cancelled otherwise it seems to be stuck in a loop.

The back story is that the vehicle came in for the front suspension setting higher than the rear suspension. The valve block was replaced followed by a new compressor assembly. The above codes are set when attempting to lift the vehicle to off-road setting. Using the bi-directional controls, the vent valve and cross link valves can be operated manually to lift or lower each corner. The vehicle can be lifted manually but it moves much slower than what I have seen in the past. The compressor takes some time getting to 1000 KPa or more. The shop tried a second compressor. It had improved function but still the same codes and slow response. The technicians want to condemn the Ride Height Control Module but it seems to me that if the bi-directionals work, then all the drivers are OK. My thought is that the problem is a restriction in the air lines or the valve block. While I was there, the tech removed the lines and checked for debris. Nothing was found.

The compressor model installed does match the programming. (AMK Compressor)

I found a TSB covering one of the codes. LTB00269. Since the compressor is new and a different design, it really does not apply.

Any help on this problem would be appreciated.

Andrew Owner
Bridgwater, United Kingdom


In the UK we find a lot of pressure increase too slow and pressure does not decrease when venting gallery. Our observations for the latter is to check the pipe work thoroughly. But the majority of the problem is in the requirement to fit a new AMK modification air compressor kit. Now we currently keep four new compressor kits on the shelf. And yes they even fail before they leave the workshop. Around 10 % of our compressor kits are retrned to Jaguar Land Rover under warranty. You can buy cheaper alternative compressors and i know some traders even fit the old Hitachi again. We are more convinced a New genuine Jaguar Land Rover compressor is the way forward and will resolve the problem but please check the basic pipe work first. 

We have a 2005 RRS on our ramp with melted pipe work and someone has fitted (thrown and not secured) a new AMK last week at another workshop. It just goes to show some workshops have a poor work ethic or maybe not the equipment to help the customer.

Good luck with your findings.

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David Owner/Technician
Ambler, Pennsylvania

I have done a few of these. I always identify the model of the compressor and match it to the oe replacement not an aftermarket​.​ Usually it comes with a new dryer as in the TSB​.​ Make sure all lines all in the right connectors. I have not had any problems with the ones if done. I assume you are using sdd for this vehicle.

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Marcel Mechanic
Nantucket, Massachusetts

Check the reservoir tank for leak. If there is a leak on the system the slow response message will appear cancelling everything related with RHC. You can smoke test it or check it visually. 

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Nicholas Diagnostician
Brooklyn, New York

Hi you may have a defective compressor, Exhaust valve may be stuck. If retrofit may have been installed incorrectly

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