GM SPS / SPS2 E2907

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2012 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 6.0L (G L96) 5-spd

What repair are you unable to perform?

Radio Programming for a 2012 Silverado.

What information are you having trouble obtaining?

The radio part number was valid and comes up on the list of proper part numbers for this vehicle,

E2907 "Some part number information is missing for this module Programming can not continue" Calibrations are not availlable

What steps have you taken to obtain the information you need?

Called GM tech support , on phone for 45 minutes with Kyle, and he stated that in order to make more room on the server GM is no longer keeping certain calibration files. Radio part number is … Note that I did try other radio part numbers that had the same options as this radio (I ID'd the vehicle / module with the same RPO's and tried multiple other radio part numbers on this list.) I am a Tech line Connect user, so tried multiple times with SPS2, and I also attempted with SPS1.

(Optional) Any other comments or concerns?

This occurred 8-27-2021 aprox 3 PM Eastern time. Note that looking up the calibrations on GM site does not state anything about the calibrations being unavailable.

I am not currently working on this vehicle, customer may be installing aftermarket radio. 

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