SDRM 2.0 Tips from NASTF

Scott Manager California Posted  

How do I get a key code with SDRM 2.0?

Access the OE site just as you always have with one exception; you will now use a passcode generated by Authy (a 2nd level authenticator application) instead of your old password.

If you need a link to an OE site use this page.

Here is a 3 minute demonstration video.

How do I complete my D1s, manage my account or get a new account?

Go to sdrm​.​nastf​.​org

  • If you are migrating push the yellow “existing LSID” button and follow the steps outlined by Clicking here
  • Regular “already registered” login to sdrm​.​nastf​.​org (The SDRM 2.0 portal)
  • Enter your email address and 12 character password
  • Hit enter
  • Use Authy to generate a code (There is a demonstration on our YouTube Channel)
  • Hit enter
  • Need help choosing and filling out D1 forms? Go to our YouTube channel and start here: 

Auction D1 (Auctions, Repos, Dealer owned vehicles or private fleet) watch this video

Contracting (3rd party where there is a vehicle owner) watch this video

Customer D1 form video

D1 overview video

You have 5 days to complete your D1s after getting a key code from an automaker site.