Introducing New DN Interactive "Podcast" - Series Pilot: ADAS and the Car 2.0

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As an early member of Diagnostic Network, I have been grateful to be on board with all of you to learn new daily insights from your posts and expanding DN tools and resources.

From original work as a technician in both dealership and independent shop service bays, my interest in writing and media work led to automotive print and broadcast journalism — as well as work as a technical educator for community college and OEM/aftermarket audiences.

Having known Scott Brown for several years and recognizing the potential to help contribute to multimedia content for DN, I am fortunate to have been able to join Scott for the initial steps into the "audio" channel of DN to add another level of interaction for all of us. As we've 'spooled up' the network for easy access for members to consume new live and archived audio content, please join us for one of the first new segments.

Given the rapid pace of the new ADAS technology, it occurred to us that you might enjoy an update about this fast-emerging topic — and where Scott Brown sees our industry "ramping up" toward the Autonomous Car.

We look to all of you for your interaction and collaboration on topics, industry challenges and — as always, the best solutions from DN member input. Whether you're the newest of the new techs, or in the top of the nation's A1 techs, please join us to kick the tires and help light the fire (or perhaps "unleash the electrons") on the new DN Audio stream segments of DN Interactive:

ADAS and The Car 2.0

Hope you can join us! Although we'll be presenting subsequent episodes here on DN, you can also subscribe to any of our podcast feeds which will provide you with access anytime and any "where" in your 24 global time zones ahead!

Thank you,

Steve …

Anthony Technical Support Specialist

Hi Steve: It's been a while. Nice touch welcoming Scott to his own network. Twas a brief but somewhat free-flowing pod…t about a topic which has a whole lot of FUD and misinformation surrounding it. Scott raised a few really good points. The longest "conventional" vehicle that most shops will see is probably the Honda Odyssey. You need about 40 feet for this vehicle. As a rule of thumb, you

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Steve Educator

Hey Anthony, Thanks very much for your thoughtful and informative message about the new podcast with Scott Brown, along with your keen insights about the realities of working with ADAS-equipped vehicles. Please know I'm looking forward to being in touch ahead for more on our journeys, yet this evening getting prepped to travel to the Vision conference in Kansas City. Appreciate you and our

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Anthony Technical Support Specialist

Hi Steve: I came across an article recently that you may find "interesting". While it pertains to body shops, it is only slightly tangential to the pod…t conversation. It starts on Page 16. edition​.​pagesuite-professional​.​co​.​uk/html5/reader/p… While I'm not a fan of giving "airtime" to competing companies, people would do well to look at the sidebar

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