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We regularly program modules for domestic and Asian vehicles, but we just received our first call to program/adapt a refurbed ECU for an Audi A4. We are registered with NASTF, so I started digging through their Audi links and ended up with a few questions.

First, is ODIS the best or only software for programming Audi and VW modules, or is there a better aftermarket solution?

Second, has anyone recently gone through Audi's application process to register their business?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Julio Owner/Technician
Laurel, Maryland
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Odis is definitely the way to go. I went through the process years ago, it's definitely gotten easier over time, bit still have paper work to file and there is some turn around time. Best of luck

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Allan Owner
Sterling, Virginia
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There are aftermarket options. Few work well. ODIS is easier than cloning especially for adapting a new or used pcm. It will take weeks to months to get approved by VW/Audi for Geko depending on how backed up they are If you haven’t already gone through that process.

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Robert Technical Support Specialist
Lewisville, Texas
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Odis is the only software capable of removing component protection so you can program and code modules. Keep in mind Odis is different for all VAG brands.

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Bill Owner/Technician
Jackson, Michigan
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Kyle you for sure are gonna want to have ODIS if your doing VW/ Audi (they are seperate subscriptions) there are many situations this tool will be the only efficient way to get the job done or get it done at all.... You can perform eeprom or board level work to clone the ECU as a option. Ross Tech VCDS is a really good tool but falls short on programming although it can do a lot of module…

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Steven Owner/Technician
Syracuse, New York
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What year is the car you are working on. Some older vw/audi you can just install a used unit and change the coding. I've used an autel tablet for this in the past.

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Robert Engineer
Durham, North Carolina
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Kyle, Since you already have your NASTF LSID you might inquire at OPUS/BlueLink. They may be able to do this for you remotely depending on what J2534 devices you have on your shop. bluelinkdiag​.​com Ask for Steve Marlow.

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Chris Diagnostician
Commack, New York
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Agreed with Robert. The actual process of ordering and setting up Odis can be a bear. Steve from would be a great help. If you have a valid sub, you can call Opus IVS and we can also help guide you through the process. Odis is the only LEGAL way to program Audi/VW vehicles. You can do this with a J-2534 device for 90% of the vehicles you work on. Earlier comm vehicles and certain mid…

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Ghislain Owner/Technician
Lévis, Quebec
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Abrities Tools is the best and the only one to do all this kind of job, Immo off, key adapt or and replace, ecu renew or replace , component protection, ecu cloning,etc and available for all European car but it is an expensive tools. I own it and I won't do without it Ghis

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Eddie Owner/Technician
Austin, Texas
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agree with Chris Abrities Tools is the only aftermarket tool will do compartment protection removal on vw,audi

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Walter Mobile Technician
Plantation, Florida
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To answer your question precisely we would need to know the exact year and module of the vehicle. As others have stated ODIS with VSP functions/registration would be the best way to resolve the issue. There are also AM devices and software that can be used to adapt a used ECU but vary depending on what type of component protection is being implemented.

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