Autel and the SGM work around

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Today I was called to a body shop with an Autel scanner and the SGM cable 2019 Ram 1500. The tech said that the vehicle said tamper detected on dash and would not start. I hooked the witech 2,.0 up and the vehicle had 57 codes across many modules all pointing towards a tamper. I cleared the codes and the truck started. I really did not expect it to work and therefore did nt take any photos. As I am completing the vehicle I notice it has a manufacturer tag on it. Makes me wonder is Chrysler is working on a update to fight the Autel. I had never see this before. The vehicle was all back together. I almost wish I had taken back apart and tried the autel again. Being a mobile guy I just collected my pay and moved on. too much to do too little time. 

What are your thoughts? Or was this just a fluke? maybe the tech did something before I got there.

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I'm guessing that the process of disconnecting the SGW module and turning the key on is going to set a boat load of codes right there. It wouldn't surprise me if they put some coding in there to disable the vehicle if the SGW is offline.

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Did you happen to do a pre and post scan? Would like to have seen all the codes.

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Hi Sam, Z Automotive makes a cable called the Double Bypass. You connect to the Star Connector / Splicepack and attach power and ground. It creates a second OBDII port behind the gateway. AutoProPad also has a cable that includes back probes to backprobe the gateway. With these solutions you don't have to disconnect anything. It just simply adds another access to the CAN traffic. The Double…

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As 18 and newer Chrysler products are not aftermarket friendly to code clearing some of the body shops that are part of a large chain using the Autel have been instructed to use the new Autel cable as a workaround for clearing codes. Now we are seeing where the shops are removing the Radio to access the connectors in an attempt to get a clean post scan. This is causing no starts and in many…

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