Does not steer straight

Myron Business Development Manager Long Beach, California Posted   Latest   Edited  
2013 Kia Optima EX 2.0L (6) 6-spd (A6MF2)

Please watch the video so you can see what the problem is and tell me what the solution is?

Myron Business Development Manager
Long Beach, California

Forgot the video link in my original post and had Scott fix it for me!

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Cuba Mobile Technician
Phila, Pennsylvania

So you have had this problem going on 6 yrs now? What work has been performed? What has been checked?

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Mario Diagnostician
Weston, Florida

Lemon law? I know there's an issue with those motor operated steering couplings. Like this: youtu​.​be/zHC0M5BfNuM

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Rick Technical Support Specialist
Saint Charles, Missouri

Check and Recalibrate the Steering angle sensor. It will cause a pull when the vehicle is in motion with active wheel speed sensor signal. If calibration is off a couple of degrees it will try to center the steering to the "0" degrees with the electric rack and pinion. I can't believe the possibility that no one has inspected the calibration thus far. Just a recommendation. Thank You

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Michael Mobile Technician
Clinton, Utah

If the vehicle has Electric Power Steering, there may be a reset process to re center. See if you can find someone with KIA GDS software and go through the options. Check the basics as well like Caster and Camber. -Mike

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Rick Diagnostician
The Woodlands, Texas

See if you can check the EPS configuration with the GDS. I have seen several that the steering was way too light and over responsive. I reset the EPS configuration and corrected the issue. Good Luck!!

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Glen Owner/Technician
Arthur, Illinois

Solution 1 : Call dealership or AM shop that will get more info, do needed testing & perform proper repair.

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Eric Owner/Technician
Edgerton, Wisconsin

Myron, Your video is a little short and hard to tell what the vehicle is doing since I can't see the road but I think I get the idea. Your complaint is that the car wanders from side to side, is too sensitive and/or hard to keep going straight down the road. It drives like you have a loose gear box on an old car or truck or a loose pitman arm which is allowing the front steering to move

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Mario Diagnostician
Weston, Florida

Looking forward to the fix!

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