Opus IVS Awarded Patent for Pass-Thru Remote Diagnostic System

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Opus … has just been awarded patent 10,719,813 for a pass-thru remote diagnostic system. This invention was created by Bluelink, who was acquired by Opus … in 2019, with a patent priority date of September 2010. In the past two decades, the Bluelink team has pioneered innovations that would allow a technician to remotely diagnose a vehicle using J2534 and other standards.

"Simply having access to scan tools and software in today's service bay is no longer enough. Efficient delivery of manufacturer recommended diagnostic software, procedures, and technical assistance is critical today to ensure safe and proper repairs," says Bob Beckmann, Strategic Technologies for Opus … and founder of Bluelink.

The patented technology developed by Bluelink has been utilized by Opus … to remotely deliver diagnostic repair guidance and programming services from seven call centers with over 100 expert technicians. "Opus … employs a number of technologies to deliver OE diagnostic capabilities, flash programming, support, and pre/post scanning to aftermarket mechanical and collision shops. The Bluelink technology has allowed us to increase our brand coverage and speed at which we can help customers. I am very proud of the Bluelink founders for this achievement, and look forward to the continued innovations with them now on the … engineering team," says Brian Herron, President of Opus ….

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I have used my Drive Pro via Bluelink for Mercedes transmissions 722.9 and today an intelligent shift module. It works flawlessly.

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