I Can See Clearly Now?

Anthony Technical Support Specialist Pennsylvania Posted  

There are a whole bunch of topic categories this would fit. These appear to be the most succinct. I read a "review" this evening on the camera system used in lieu of mirrors. For the most part (not counting the myopia of some of the commenters), I found it to be fairly well balanced. I'm a bit disappointed though. Mr. Park gave short shrift to the .1 or .2 fuel mileage improvement. I did a l'il back of the napkin math.

A screw getting an optimistic 7mpg and covering 100K over the year would save over $1300 in fuel ($3.20/gal.) and DEF ($6/gal) with a .2 fuel economy gain. At 6.5mpg, the amount is over $1600. (I didn't even factor in longer oil life, less engine wear and fewer turbo & aftertreatment issues requiring service.) In 2 years, that's a set of sneakers all the way around. It really is nothing to sneeze at.

BTW, I really like the guides and the infrared. Sure, it will take getting used to. For that kind of money, I'd get used to it just fine. Will it transfer over to matchboxes? Sure, eventually. Then again, OEMs are not necessarily known for being real cutting edge with safety devices. All you have to do is look at how long it took to add seat belts, space saver tires vs. the original run flat tires or convex mirrors instead of real heated electrically moveable mirrors, etc. We'll see.