Can help provide BMW waveforms

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We just picked up a 4425 Pico at our shop, and we specialize in Mini and BMW. I have toyed with scopes for a while, figured out a few issues with them, but I want to take it higher. Best way I can think how is if anybody needs a hood known waveform for a specific BMW or Mini I can assure you we may have one in the lot that day or within a few days. Let me know and I can make it happen. 

Jose Technician

Hello Diego , scopes are great for BMW. Have you ever tried to diagnose a eccentric shaft position sensor after another shop claimed to have already replaced it? Pico scope is the only way to go. I believe i was looking at the clock signal.

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Diego 2004 BMW x5 (M54) eng..Need a known Good CMP/CKP Wave form. Thank you

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