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Fast growing company, needs diagnostics expert to help fill tremendous demand for upgrade features. Immediate ground floor opportunity for someone with the following qualification :

Education: Minimum Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering

Background: Electronic design and development for Automotive control systems with firmware development 

Electronics: Cypress family of ARM controllers

Cypress Bluetooth Low Energy designs 

Knowledge: SAE J1979

ISO 14229

ISO 9141-2

ISO 14230

ISO 11989

ISO 15031-1

GM K2411

ISO 15765 / SAE J2284

SAE J1850

Early OBDII electronic systems including VPW, PWM, K-Line, L-Line, KWP…

Late model OBDII CAN bus, DoIP

Decode raw bus data to extract information and turn it into human readable formats

Build DBC database files

Mechanical: Understand complete DTC code decoding

Understand cause and effects of mechanical issues in a vehicle

Familiar with Shopkey (Mitchell) and Snap-on or OEM diagnostic scanners

If you want to be an important part of this leading edge company that is quickly becoming the major automotive evaluation tool used throughout the industry then please respond with your resume to … today.

Thank You

Philip Educator

Just a suspicion, sir, but your requirements are pretty tall for a group of auto technicians. I'd be interested to see if you get any applications from here.

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Robert Mobile Technician

Philip! Then again they may want to hire a automotive technician. We have reverse engineering and figuring out manufacturer's mistakes for years. How do you think they get feedback. The gap between the engineer and technician has been closing for years. Many moons ago the tech and the engineer would battle it out at the manufacturer training schools. We are starting to see an up tick in…

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Tony Manager

Thank you Philip… We believe there are some highly qualified members in DN, as we also wanted someone with more than book knowledge but important hands on experience, which the members of DN certainly have. So we felt here would be a very good place to start our search. I'm sure that there are members that qualify and if they investigate the opportunity they will be astonished at what we can…

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Tanner Instructor
South Carolina

This is interesting, I don't qualify, but I'd love to hear what you are working on!

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Tony Manager

Thanks Tanner for your interest… I think I was notified my first response did not go thru so i will try again… We provide a very simple method of obtaining diagnostics- NOT for the purpose of fixing like other devices- but for the purpose of evaluating the mechanical condition of a vehicle for dealers, at the time of they are appraising it for a trade in OR at the time it is in the service lane…

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Jeffrey Mobile Technician

Thats some powerful AI you got! Wondering why you chose automotive when you have one of the strongest AIs out there. Instantly diagnose? Identify mechanical through OBD port? So your saying it could tell me where the broken ground control wire was for the vent valve I actually diagnosed on a 07 4 runner was? Instantly? You guys are gonna be millionaires!!!!!!!

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Saifullah Diagnostician

This is where the disconnect between Technician and Engineer is. Your thoughts are completely not practical.

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Stephen Educator

don't know if you're still looking for people or not. I might be interested in a position but I don't have all the qualifications you're looking for. If you have a position your everyday tech can fill, let me know.

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