Is donor PCM programming possible with VIDA?

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2012 Volvo S60 Addition 1.6L 6-spd (MMT6)


I regularly program keys with VIDA, but have never attempted a module replacement. I have two quick questions for any of you folks with experience in this area:

  1. Can/will VIDA reprogram donor modules including PCMs, or does the system require a virgin unit?
  2. Does the immo data in the CEM re-align to the PCM (new or used) when the module is programmed or do new keys need to be programmed?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Larry Owner/Technician

In classic volvo fashion, yes and no. some modules are no problem used, abs, srs, ddm/pdm, Dim (though there will be odometer issues) In 2012 I am not sure on cem. Pcm can be moved, but only if it is “deprogrammed” if you will while still in the donor car. If the software is not run against it before it is removed from donor can not be programmed in new car. replacing pcm will not require any…

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To answer the first question is no you have to install a new control unit, used a control unit will not take the programming with VIDA, if you install a new unit ECM you will not need to reprogram the key the key codes gets transferred.

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Kyle Technician

Many thanks to both of you for sharing your knowledge!

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