2015 jeep Cherokee instrument cluster dead

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Cluster Dead After Reflash

I’m hoping I get some ideas or help on this vehicle. 2015 jeep cherokee, replaced pcm due to no start issue, after Replacing the pcm decided to update all the modules, updated a few and everything went normal. Once I got to instrument panel, started process and about halfway through the reflash it stopped and got a message that said lost connection with module, now the cluster doesn’t wake up and I have no communication with it, I try to reflash again with same result, at 47% through the reflash it stops with the same message. I disconnected the battery several times and left both cables touching each other. I try many times to reflash the cluster and every single times it stops at 47% with the same message. At this point it seems like my cluster is done but I’m hoping somebody has seen this issue and was able to fix it, any ideas will help. I been using the witech with cardaq-m passthru

Steve Owner/Technician

I've had many issues with Fords when programming or updating stuff. Someone on the data line interups the programming session. The only way I've found to solve this problem is by isolating the pcm from the network and plugging the comm lines directly in my J2534. So that might be a solution

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Benjamin Diagnostician

It used to be it was always safe to update modules on domestic vehicles even if symptoms were not present. However, Chryslers are not really domestic vehicles anymore. I never update a module on a Chrysler unless the customer is complaining about an issue that fits the update/TSB. Also many Cluster updates on Chrysler’s can take a very long time to complete (Some over 4 hours). It’s likely the…

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Glen Owner/Technician

Did you check for any open recalls especially the related to the auto park?

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Alan Owner/Technician

Alfredo, With key off unplug fuse F104 20 amp. F88 15 amp. F84 15 amp. Turn key on and replace three fuses one at a time it may restore instrument panel cluster. Unplug your programming tool at the DLC before pulling the fuses. Worth a try, hth

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Godwin Technician

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