NASTF D1s due in 5 days starting April 5

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A courtesy post: as of Friday April 5, 2019 all D1s will need to be completed within the original SDRM design of 5 days. This means that if you did a transaction on Monday April 1 it will need to be filed by Friday April 5. We have had the system set to 10 days since December to facilitate learning. For many this has been a disservice because if they did not get the information they needed initially it was much harder to do at 10 days. Thank you for your continued efforts to protect vehicle owner’s secure information and your support of SDRM.

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Donny, I would recommend to all SDRM 2.0 users to get documentation before using the system. I have had numerous questionable documents given to me since SDRM 2.0 started including two forged/counterfeit documents. People that were using questionable or illegal methods to perform SDRM functions before are now trying to find ways to beat the system since they can't qualify for a LSID. If you do

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