2013 Subaru Forester X Limited 2.5L long crank

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Case Study
2013 Subaru Forester X 2.5L (FB25BA) 4-spd (TZ1B8)
No Dtc
Long Crank
No Crank / No Start

Good morning everybody. This is case study of a 2013 Subaru forester 2.5L that I could not figure out and is gone already I saved the captures that look weird when analyzing. 

Customer concern is intermittent long crank or some times crank no start, hot soak most of the time. We had it here at the shop park it out side and did not want to duplicate for 2 days. I went to try to start it and at this point I had nothing connected scanner or scope I have not traction yet. So was long crank I look at the check engine light illuminated, so I stop and grab the scanner checking some pids key on. IAT, ECT good, I selected RPM there was a pid for CMP that only display I think yes or not if RPM was detected, crank it again and is long crank I am recording scan data. i saw the cmp pid said no , and I save it get more information about it , no dtc all redness monitor complete.

There is a tsb: 11-130-13R address this issues.

However, the scope waveform on tsb is with engine running and my Subaru matches it but the weird part is when cranking the waveform for both CMP are fliped over. I did get inverted the leads for the CKP I realized later but can be invert with pico scope math channel.

I have the 2 scope capture attached and some known good references pictures, at the end this vehicle did not duplicate any more the long crank I let it go since I did not see any anomalies on the CMP and CKP waveform more than cranking. 

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TSB 11-129-13 also addresses long-crank and says to reprogram the ECM. I would do that first before spending much time analyzing the captures.

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thank you

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TSB 11-153-15R offers yet even newer ECM software for this issue. The easiest thing to do is copy the current CID # and paste it into Flashwrite. Any latest available software will be suggested at that point, with a description of the remedies at the bottom of the screen.

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tHanks .

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