Left Engine Cylinder Not Working

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2014 BMW X5 xDrive50i 4.4L (N63B44B) 8-spd (GA8HP70Z)


I receive this car today with engine misfire,I do some checks ,I find that all the cylinder on the left side not working.

fault code on dme 2 : 152822/relay and injectors supply voltage,ignition 2,short circuit to ground.

plz advice and help

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Have you checked , the injectors on that bank with either amp probe or scope both supply and control wires see what’s missing and go from there ........., backwards trace it to the relay, fuse, PCM..... Have a good day!

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That error simply means the ecu is not seeing voltage on the control wire when the injector is commanded OFF. Split the circuit in half first. Do you have power at injectors that will pinpoint the side affected power or control. It is likely power side issue. Inspect for rodent damage. Check fuses and relays after looking at wiring diagram to determine who is related only to that half of engine…

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I have seen a single GDI injector take down the system, shorted right out, unplugged the faulty injector and the rest of the injectors came back to life and ran fine other than that one cylinder with the faulty injector.

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