Using The Proper Diagnostic Cable on Autologic Tools

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No Communication

Due to the recent outbreak of no-communication calls about the Autologic tool turning Land Rover vehicles unresponsive after diagnostic tool being hooked up, we have this bit of critical information to share: 

Please Note: Your BMW OBD2 Ethernet programming cable was designed for BMW programing only !!!

Due to the pin layout of connector, this will cause Land Rover vehicles to become unresponsive.

Paul Technical Support Specialist

Ha, i thought we were the only ones with this issue. Autologic users would just call in, just to complaint that they have no communications or vehicles doing some odd things. Just for us to find out they have the BMW Ethernet cable connected to it. Still did not manage to get a single person to explain me why they used that cable. What was the "concept" or "philosophy" they had in mind…

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Rich Service Manager
New Hampshire

One of my Techs had this problem on a 2011 Range Rover, it usually comes up as key not recognized & Medium CAN is shut down. I was looking at it with him & noticed the BMW LAN cable was on the Assist. I unplugged the cable from the DLC & the radio started playing & it recognized the key at that point. Pressed the starter button & vehicle started right up. Plugged in Assist

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