Coding a new FRM - Footwell Module with an Autologic Bluebox

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2011 BMW X5 xDrive35i 3.0L (N55B30A) 8-spd (GA8HP45Z) — 5UXZW0C51BL655555
Frm - Footwell Module Replacment Coding


After an FRM (Footwell Module) is replaced, it needs to be coded so it knows what vehicle it’s in. Like many new BMW control units, the FRM already has its operating software installed when its manufactured so there is no need to program it. (Note: This programming process is the same for all BMW / Mini MOST bus E/R-series cars.)


Install the new FRM.

(For Mini coding, substitute the button clicks below from BMW to Mini.)

1. Connect a suitable battery maintainer to the front jump start terminals and set it to programming mode - 14.2 volts

2. To prevent the vehicle from entering sleep mode during programming, turn the headlight to ON.

1. Start Diagnostics-> BMW-> Determine Vehicle-> CIP - > I Agree -> Continue -> Continue -> Program / Coding ->Program or Code Individual Control Units -> FRM Footwell Module - > Coding - Activate

Post Programming:

1. Initialize all windows.

2. Check operation of all lights and door locks.

3. Clear all faults.

4. Road test Vehicle

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Hi Nelson This is great information if you are a member of DN Why isn’t this info available to Autologic Customers? Gil

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Fastening the seatbelt works too.

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