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2010 Dodge Charger SE 3.5L (V) 4-spd (42RLE)

hi there everyone!! I have this car came from another shop whit the no crank condition at all!, it has the wireless node system, whit fob key one of them was damage, the other one was working and customer gets another one and replaced the node module, some way the other shop put on the road the car again, but next day the customer got stuck whit same problem then customer bring his car to us, at this point I have 12v coming out of the module but not sure how to check it and what to expect to see, if someone can help I really appreciate it!!

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This whole system is diagnosed with the scan tool. The TIPM the PCM and the WIN all have to agree about what is going on. Also there is a TSB about intermittent operation and new software for the WIN.

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Check your PIDs from the wireless to tipm (ignition switch position) and pcm to tipm ( security denied/allowed crank ,prndl position) and then you can see what you're missing.

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Have you tried pulling out the start button and using the key to start it? Don’t need to have foot on the brake to start it this way. And watch the related PIDs like Mr. Monjaraz suggested. Had one last week w bad PCM. Could see what it was doing on the scan tool. It wouldn’t work with the brake pushed (but thought it was) but would start intermittently with the key and foot off the brake. That…

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Hi there! well after check this car finally found the ecm is no good, so we waiting for customer's answer, thank you for help!

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