ATMC Annual Training Benchmarks Surveys

David Business Development Manager Virginia Posted   Edited  

The …) conducts annual surveys to establish training benchmarks within the auto and heavy-vehicle service and repair industry. The project consists of two parallel surveys, one given to training consumers and another to training providers. The surveys are designed to establish a series of metrics to help the industry recognize trends, provide a comparison standard, and align the offerings of training providers with the needs of training consumers. The results will be presented at the ATMC Conference April 9-11, 2019 and posted on the ATMC website atmc​.​org following the conference.

Each survey should take between 8 and 10 minutes to complete and the links will be live until March 20, 2019. 

Link to the Training Consumer's Surveysurveymonkey​.​com/r/DJLX7PZ If you are a service provider in the industry, please encourage your service professionals to complete this survey.

Link to the Training Provider's Surveysurveymonkey​.​com/r/HW7G5ZQ

Please feel free to share this message with others in the industry. Your voluntary participation will help to improve the quality and availability of training for working professionals in the auto and heavy-vehicle industry.

Thank you in advance for your participation.