2011 Buick Enclave

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2011 Buick Enclave CX 3.6L (D LLT) 6-spd (6T75)
No Communication With Scanner

ALDL has it's powers, but it's missing the signal ground from the PCM. Is this fuse related? I have checked those, however I can get no codes on anything but your little cheap code reader and there are none. Neither Snap-On Verus, nor Autel Elite can communicate. Alldata wiring diagrams aren't much help.

Douglas Mobile Technician
Nocona, Texas
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Ken, I just checked Alldata and had no problem finding the ground. Pin 4 of the DLC grounds at G302, near base of right B pillar. Pin 5 grounds at G301, behind left kick panel.

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Allan Owner
Sterling, Virginia
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Pins 4 and 5 , both black, get their grounds from 5 behind left kick panel..... 4 base of right b pillar. Both those likely ground other stuff . Left kick panel grounds bcm too. Bcm not powering up you won’t get much

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Douglas Technician
Hermon, Maine
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Check pins 6 and 14 (high speed gm lan) at dlc for 60 ohms. BCM (gateway module )and ECM should be the terminating resistors 120 ohms/2 = 60 Check power at dlc (batt voltage)

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Mike Technician
Atlanta, Georgia
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And make sure to do so with everything powered down or battery disconnected.

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Douglas Technician
Hermon, Maine
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Once you get communication Plug in the snappy and see what modules are online .

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Ken Technician
Florissant, Missouri
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Found the ground on the pillar, thanks. Saw not too much wrong with it. Was then told by service writer that engine had recently been replaced at another shop. After disconnecting the battery, I unplugged the PCM to find the one and only bent pin that just happened to be the cause of my problem. Crisis averted, thanks for the help.

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Brian Owner/Technician
Amanda, Ohio
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As for you having problems finding the ground diagram in Alldata, I myself had that problem some time ago. If your in a hurry and going through the list, it starts with power & grounds. So if your quickly looking for Grounds and you have tunnel vision like me, you can pass it right up. I now look for Power Dis. Hope this helps.

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