How to renew SDRM license?

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I think I saw the answer to this somewhere before but I don't remember where or how to do it. How does one renew the new VSP license? Mine will run out in about 26 days so I should do something about that. Can I do it just through the dashboard panel somewhere?

Editing post, I did find the info on this site, Donny Seyfer says to click on "pay" unfortunately my pay button is not live, can I manipulate that some?

Now I am back again, editing this post for the second time. I can renew, there is a little check box where one has to put a tick in, it is under the "pay" heading, I was trying to click on the actual spot it says pay. After tick mark is in there the checkout box populates with amount due and I can click on it then fill out the appropriate info

Donny Owner/Technician

Maynard, Sorry, I am going to try to figure out some way to make that more intuitive. We are thinking of putting a video right on the pay heading to explain it. The developers idea is pretty slick but you are not the only one who has had trouble with it. Thanks for the feedback. I attached an example for others who run across this post. Look over on the far right of the screen and you will see

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