GM Acdelco SPS Processing is down

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As of right now 11:30 a.m. Central Standard Time GM is having problems processing the purchase of Vin blocks for SPS. You will just get a message that says "Sabrix" .... if you already have empty VIN blocks you are good to go, or just doing a programming on a VIN you already have. Currently they have no ETA on a fix.

Donny Owner/Technician
Wheat Ridge, Colorado
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Keith, GM has everything working again. 1:30PM EST. They are rolling out significant changes and updates to their website. Last night their tax management system was offline for awhile and this turned out to be a password that was entered incorrectly by a developer. It is highly recommended that you clear your history with the ACDelco site, particularly if you have had an issue logging on…

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Keith Diagnostician
Collinsville, Oklahoma
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Yes confirmed at 1:50PM CST it is up again, when I called the help desk moments before, it still had the message up. But all good! Bought another 10 VIN blocks, that should last me about a week. On a less related note, I have very few problems with Fords site.

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David Owner/Technician
Pacific, Missouri
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I just finished a 2009 Silverado FPCM programming, and it went perfectly. They must have it working again. Thanks for the heads up though!

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