Cloud-based diagnostics

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The new FCA cloud-based Wi-Tech strikes me as a step backwards for the user.

How does the dealer-user manage to utilize the tool away from the local Wi-Fi connection if he's on a test drive? Does he need to register a hot-spot, disconnecting from the dealer host and then reconnecting?

How does a user in a remote location with no Wi-Fi and/or poor cell service use the tool on a 2018+ platform?

I'm curious about the sentiments in the aftermarket scan tool world (S-O, Autel, AE) toward the 2018MY FCA change. Will this make an aftermarket enhanced scan tool an impossibility?

Martin Diagnostician

I've not done it on an 18 yet, but we have a witech2 and a tech authority sub, and I've just used my cell phone as a hotspot. It is a pain to switch back and forth so often I'll use a different scanner during my test drive. Again, I've not tried an 18 yet with my phone as the hotspot. We also have no issues with internet around here...

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Julio Owner/Technician

There is a video in the knowledge base for test driving with witech2. Yes, hot spot device is the answer. You have to register you Micropod to the hotspot. kb​.​fcawitech​.​com/secure/video-h…

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Michael Mobile Technician

We use a Hoo Too device to make the WiTech tool portable. The device can be set up with multiple hot spots. Mine is tied to my office wi fi and my phone. In some customer locations we have to connect to their wi fi. We just add the hot spot to the list. You can even cable in if needed. This makes it possible to use the tool anywhere you have a cell signal. We use the Hoo Too with the IDS as

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Tyler Owner
South Carolina

In the HD world, one of the manufacturers (PACCAR), went to the same thing it sounds like. You must be on the Internet in order to log into the tool and use. Dealerships either use hotspots or they log in at the store and then don't turn the laptop off when they go into the field. My guess on this new trend is software piracy. There is so much bootleg software and clone/fake/China adapters on

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Robert Owner

In my opinion it is a complete disaster. Also, they are giving the aftermarket a lot of trouble in implementation and trying to charge fees per-technician and other nonsense. See here: vehicleservicepros​.​com/in-the-bay/dia…

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Rusty Owner/Technician

Nicely written article. Interesting that you foresee a workaround (albeit complicated) for the A/M tool makers. I think this limitation of free access, or better described as "complication of access" may backfire on the OEMs who take this route. If a group of vehicles are turned away by the independent market, they'll become too undesirable to own. Thanks for the insightful response

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