Episode 2: Paul Baltusis on OBD-II Mode$06 and VVT

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Hello everyone, I'm proud to present Episode 2 of the Torque Factor featuring Paul Baltusis (OBD-II Expert) where we take a deep dive on VVT, OBD-II and Mode $06. 

Other elements of the podcast include:

  • Recall: 19V-654 – Nissan … model year vehicles. Back up camera disablement;
  • Recall: NTB20V-012 – Toyota Lexus vehicles. Premature fuel pump failure, fuel pump impeller properties issue.
  • Case study: Diagnostic Network demonstrates how voltage drop testing was used to identify and solve multiple symptoms on a 2003 Chevrolet Corvette.
  • Education: Steve Ford, the “Car Guy,” goes in depth on identifying and relating to the next generation of industry professionals, as well as offers some interesting suggestions on making progress.
  • Upcoming industry events.

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Chris Educator
North Carolina
Chris Default

Thanks Scott and Paul, Great to hear from Paul. He's been a great asset to technicians for many years.

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Randy Analyst
Randy Default

giphy​.​com/gifs/Q09lToTa0… Paul will get it, do you?. 😀 Stay safe.

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Randy Analyst
Randy Default

Thanks for doing this. Mode $06 is about to under go more changes and Paul said a lot in this podcast. I will point out one of them. Mode $06 results do not always indicate whether a component is near failing or not based on how close the result is to a min or max. Listen to his converter result closely.

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Scott Manager
Scott Default

You're welcome Randy and yes, I learned a lot from this and I've listened to this episode several times. I really hope that this gets out to the industry and those who need the knowledge. And most of all I hope to get Paul on to discuss more as well!

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