2012 Nissan Frontier - Multiple Symptom Electrical Case Study Video

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Case Study
2012 Nissan Frontier PRO-4X 4.0L (VQ40) 5-spd—1N6AD0FR7CC440022
P0183 - Fuel Temperature Sensor "A" Circuit High
P0451 - EVAP System Pressure Sensor/Switch "A" Circuit Range/Performance
P0181 - Fuel Temperature Sensor "A" Circuit Range/Performance
Idle Surge
Temperature Gauge Bouncing
Abs Light On
P1211 - Tcs C/U Function
P1553 - Battery Current Sensor
C1133 - Engine Signal 4
C1109 - Battery Voltage
C1102 - Rr Lh Sensor-1

This is vehicle I worked on this week and thought would be a good case study to share. After listening to the remarkable results podcast episode with Matt Fanslow and Scott Shotton, and it prompted me to put this video together on why one needs to develop a diagnostic process and how to document your results.

Here is the link to the podcast: remarkableresults​.​biz/remarkable-res…

The case study video is about 18 minutes long, hopefully it is helpful to everyone and I'd love to hear your feedback!

Robert Diagnostician
Fair Oaks, California
Robert Default

Nice video of using diagrams to make electrical diagnosis much easier and faster. Diagrams gave you a place to look and a path to figure it out. I remember the days of not having digital information systems with wiring diagrams. Only having Motor and Mitchell books and not have the diagrams, That was a pain in the butt. Love wiring diagrams.

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Billy Educator
Richardson, Texas
Billy Default

Thank you Tanner. Good job. Have a blessed and safe week to you and your family.

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Geoff Diagnostician
Lahaina, Hawaii
Geoff Default

You sure got lucky with the rain. I've had a slew of non-reproducible intermittents this year. Nobody will leave it, nobody will pay for further time. Nobody has any useful observational hints as to WHEN it happens. Just "sometimes". Grrr. Thanks to all Keith's videos, I know to look for common connectors and check for water/melting/burning/corrosion but never find any.

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Tanner Instructor
Wellford, South Carolina
Tanner Default

I’m with you, I get probably 2 dozen intermittent calls a yea. typically I will offer to look at them for one hour as long as the shop is willing to pay for that hour regardless of whether it acts up or not. If they aren’t then I don’t go look at the vehicle.

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Philip Educator
Hemet, California
Philip Default

You said the magic words, Tanner. Are they willing to pay for it? I am chasing an intermittent P2563 and code P003A code on a 2007 Duramax diesel. The vehicle never lacks power and I've recorded it doing the turbo learn successfully at least a dozen times in normal driving. Sure, replacing the turbo will probably fix it but what an expensive guess! If I can duplicate it with the scanner on there…

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John Owner
Medford, New York
John Default

Tanner, There are some schools of thought that there are no such thing as intermittent issues. Just not the right questions being asked by tech or service advisor. I deal with many intermittent issues and there is more diagnostic data to be digested from a proper 15 minute interview with the customer than a scantool. Knowing how to interview the customer is key and often overlooked. It is a…

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Tanner Instructor
Wellford, South Carolina
Tanner Default

I agree with you 100%! learning the questions to ask from guys like yourself is key!

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Josh Technician
Lynchburg, Virginia
Josh Default

Excellent presentation many thanks for sharing

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Frank Educator
Halton Hills, Ontario
Frank Default

Very educational and interesting. One observation: Using the head light bulb to indicate the relay coil has power. The bulb can draw around 4-5 amps, and relay coil would typically draw 0.2 - 0.5 amps. Doesn't this have the potential to overload/damage the MOSFET in the BCM? Thanks again to taking the time to put this together.

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