“Understanding The Intricacies of Modern Ignition Systems"

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“Understanding The Intricacies of Modern Ignition Systems"

FREE LIVE WEBINAR Saturday November 20, 2021 2:00pm ET

Sponsored by: Duralast

Mark your calendars and join us on Saturday November 20, 2021 at 2:00pm ET for this FREE Motor Age Training/… LIVE webinar! * Join Motor Age Director of Training Pete Meier and … President "G." Truglia. * Every tech knows you need three things for an engine to run – the proper air/fuel mixture, the ability to compress that mixture, and the means to ignite that mixture. To become a better diagnostician, it is important to understand each of these components in as much detail as possible.

In this FREE Motor Age/… webinar, Sponsored by Duralast

Motor Age's Pete Meier and G. Truglia of … will focus on the ignition system. We’ll explore how it works, what factors affect the system’s performance, and trace it from “key on” to the moment the spark flies over the plug gap. We’ll include testing techniques for the components involved as well as some diagnostic tips to help you identify even the smallest ignition system fault and will demonstrate “on car” and in the shop.

This FREE technical webinar is possible thanks to our Sponsor Duralast

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