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I read about upgrading the hard drive in the verus pro to a SSD drive for a speed improvement. Well I finally decided to give it a go and it was well worth it. I did a post on this in a facebook forum but I thought there may be some techs here who haven't seen it and would like to do it. So here is the post with all the steps. 

The upgrade is swapping out the original hard drive for a new solid state or SSD drive. The performance increase is dramatic, it makes using the tool much more enjoyable.

First thing you need to do is check the size of your drive, it could be either 250gb or 500 gb. Go to device manager on your tool and click on hard drive. This will pull up a screen with the hard drive size on it. You must use a drive of the SAME size or LARGER, you cannot go smaller.

Next purchase a drive. My drive was 250gb so I purchased a samsung evo ssd for under a hundred bucks. amazon​.​com/…/B07…/ref=oh…

Then purchase a cloner. This unit is very simple to use. It's a standalone unit, no software​.​com/dp/B00LSU4SHW…

Pulling the unit apart is pretty easy. A bunch of screws and two ribbon cable connectors. Just be gentle when separating the two halves. Don't be ham handed, use a little finesse and it will be fine. Take some pictures of the cables if you think you might forget how to reconnect them.

Once you have the old drive, the cloner and the new drive ready to go, connect the two drives to the cloner. Original drive goes to the "source" and the new drive goes to the "target". Plug in the cloner and turn it on. Wait for all the lights to go solid. Then, hold the clone button for at least 3 seconds to start the cloning process. Do not interrupt it. Now go get a cup of coffee or something because it's going to take at least an hour for the cloning process to complete. The progress lights will will go solid as it reaches 25% 50% 75 % and then 100%. After all lights are solid, the clone process is complete.

I took the drive straight out of the box and cloned it, no other steps needed. Once done, reinstall it into the unit. Boot up the tool and you will get a message that new hardware was found and it wants to restart the machine to complete the installation. Reboot the machine again. Once it starts up for the second time you are finished.

Now enjoy the fruits of your labor. It will be like a whole new tool, approx 3-4 times faster than it was. As a bonus, you now have a spare drive in case the other one takes a dump.

Cost is a little over a hundred bucks and the results are more than worth it.

Pat Technical Support Specialist
Westfield, Indiana
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Awesome info Bob! I was looking into doing this some time in the future...might have to move it up on the to-do list.

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Bob Diagnostician
East Longmeadow, Massachusetts
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The boot time is under 90 seconds now and it's a lot quicker navigating through the menus. You will enjoy using the tool again.

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William Diagnostician
Ashland, Virginia
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I did the exact same swap year before last. Used the same cloner too! Posted pics and boot time before/after on iATN and Snap-On forums. Was well worth it!! Traded it in on a Zeus last winter.

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Craig Service Advisor
Grand Rapids, Michigan
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NIce post Bob! Glad you went with a Samsung EVO. One of the BEST drives for dependability. Anyone looking at doing this, DO NOT go cheap on an SSD you get EXACTLY what you pay for. Aside from significant speed improvements, this should keep your battery alive longer too! Great idea to do this for any laptops you use in the shop as well.

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Dustin Technician
Cleveland, Oklahoma
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I done ram upgrade, and sdd in my Verus wireless few years ago. It made world of difference. Kind upset they don't offer any more updates for it.

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Bob Diagnostician
East Longmeadow, Massachusetts
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My verus has the latest 18.2 update.

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Sean Technician
Cincinnati, Ohio
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Awesome, definitely doing it. Next gotta figure out the battery, they are so expensive

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Bob Owner/Technician
East Longmeadow, Massachusetts
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I've seen a company that rebuilds the batteries for about 1/3 the price. I can't vouch for them because I have never tried it but it may be worth a try. This fits verdict and verus pro. mtobattery​.​com/products/eaa03…

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Jorge Technician
Valdosta , Georgia
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Great post Bob I just bought a Verus Pro D10 with the 19.2 but this thing is slow in comparison to my old Launch Tech USA PAD II so I'll do this upgrade ASAP! Thank you

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Michael Owner/Technician
Lincoln Park, Michigan
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Hey there Bob, How is the Verus holding up after the SSD upgrade? still working well?

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