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A perennial problem on many forums is people asking questions, receiving some answers and hints... and then disappearing from the thread. What can be learned from such threads? Too often, almost nothing.

This forum's format may help change that. As posts are categorized into Questions, Case Studies, Discussions, etc., it should be possible to have a special behavior for Questions. Specifically, after several days of inactivity the author can be reminded (by e-mail?) that they have a Question thread open and be asked to provide an update or closure. Even information that the customer declined the suggested repair is useful. 

So, the author will have a checkbox to identify whether it is an update or closure, when replying to their own posts. It would be good to mark such posts with a different color in the list of posts for the thread, and add an "Updated" or "Solved" icon to the Question thread headline.

Just an idea, what do you think about it? And I will also use the opportunity to thank people who routinely come back to their threads and provide updates to their diagnostic endeavours.

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Hi Dmitriy, Yes, we certainly want to do everything we can to increase the overall effectiveness of this platform. Features such as allowing the author to mark replies as to the level of helpfulness so that we know when to trigger additional communications, etc. Your suggestions are great and we appreciate your support. We're currently working on some enhancements that would allow users seeking

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Dimitriy, an excellent suggestion. Clean feedback can improve many things... What comes up for me is the "hey fellas can you spot what i've spotted" style of post This is presuming that we all have had similar experiences / training, And, that we could all arrive at at similar conclusion. With a "round up / conclusion / wrap up / explanation" these could be a valuable resource.

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