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Hey guys.

I have fixed the misfire and addressed the oil issue with this accord regarding bulletin 10-033. 

I did update with the latest software from Honda before beginning.

Specifically states to update the pcm if i have a same or lower software number. I only found the software for trans shudder which i did and the software number completed to 37805-r70-a830 previously 820. the program part number is 37805-r70-a83.

So my question is did i update to the correct file now or do i still have to enter in a bulletin number to get the correct file? i did try to enter in the 10-033 and 13-078 with no luck. i dont do much programming so i was just unsure if i used the correct cal filer. thanks!

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Generally when updating controllers on Honda products the software program will first check to see if updates are available then suggest that they can be updated. I am unsure about you entering in a bulletin number with Honda ??

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The bulletin should have the updated software version listed in it. I just did an RDX for the TC judder issue yesterday without entering the bulletin number (17-017). In my case I updated to 37806-R8A-A540 from 37806-R8A-A530. The J2534 rewrite application will list the current software and the update software before you click start. More than likely, you're just fine. The Honda software will…

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I was told that any update newer than the bulletin you are trying to program will already have the past changes built into it. I ran into this when looking for an update for a CRV and that was when I looked it up. My understanding is if there is a newer bulletin than the one that you are looking for when you typed it in the search bar it will just go to that one instead.

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sounds good i'm ok with all of your suggestions! Thanks for the assistance gentlemen. Eli

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