Aston Martin with J2534

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Anyone make a diagnostic tool with a j2534 on a aston martin?

Stephen Owner/Technician
Port Perry, Ontario
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Not quite sure I understand your question but a couple of models of autel scan tools use a j2534 device as the diagnostic connector, my autel elite for example. If you are wanting to connect to factory module programming it may or may not be compatible with the correct software and laptop with internet connection.

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Randy Technical Support Specialist
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TEXA Supercar

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Roy Mechanic
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nastf​.​org/i4a/pages/inde… technicalhub​.​astonmartin​.​com/amtis

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Peter Service Manager
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Hi Ulrich , Which module and which Aston ? The cars mostly have seperate OBD ports for body and powertrain modules . Each side of the engine is run by a seperate powertrain controller which communicate via high speed CAN. Cars up to DB11 used a mixture of Ford / Jag / Volvo hardware and software modified to fit the car. With the advent of the AMDS diagnostic system Aston Engineering began to…

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