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I have a question about the update notification icon and number.

At this time the green speech bubble that is used for notifying viewers that a post has added replies shows all the replies ever received. For example, tech A posts an article and has five (5) replies at the time I read it and reply to it which makes a total of six (6) replies to that article.. When I'm done reading it the speech bubble and number of replies is grayed out. I come back the Diag​.​net the next day and see that the speech bubble for that article has turned green and the number next to it has changed to an eight (8). I see that and believe that indicates there are eight (8) new posted replies since the last time I was there.

After I get to the article I see that what it means is that there are now a total of eight (8) replies. I understand that by turning green the speech bubble indicates something new has happened to the original article or additional replies have been added, what I don't understand is why the number next to it, also in green, represents the total number of posts instead of the number of new posts since I was last on that page.

It is disappointing that I see the green bubble and the green number and think, Oh, great, eight new posts to read, I click the link and then once on the page I see there is only one, or two and my excitement level drops. It seems like such a little thing but it happens every time I go back to a post that I'm interested in, which is disappointing to me.

Am I the only one that sees it that way or am I just misunderstanding it? 


Tom Engineer
Claremont, California
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Hi Eric, I agree this is not ideal. We have a task on the books to make it clearer how many are new since your last viewing. Thanks for the feedback!

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Eric Owner/Technician
Edgerton, Wisconsin
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I have a suggestion for the site. I would like to see an additional icon to the right where the ones currently are, number of replies, up or down votes, etc. I would like one that the original poster can choose to indicate they are closing the post with a fix or other end to the discussion. It would make it easier for the viewer to see when a post has been finished.

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Tom Engineer
Claremont, California
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Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, we have been spec'ing out a task related to flagging a reply (or replies) as update/solution, and/or a closing message of some sort, which would change the status of the message. We could either reflect the status in that area you mentioned, or perhaps directly on the message type tag itself (where it says Bounty or Question now). We already do it there for

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Tom Engineer
Claremont, California
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Hi Eric, This is now fixed in version 2.3 released today.

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