Chrysler Power Sliding Door Issues

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2005 Chrysler Town & Country Touring 3.8L (L) 4-spd (41TE-AE) — 2C4GP54L45R412866
Power Door Won't Close Coompletely

Power sliding door (RH) did not work. Left operates normally. Found broken wires in the door track schlep. Replaced with a new (Dorman) harness. Now the door will power open normally, but when closing, it stops about 2" shy of completely closing, then after a second or two the cinch/release motor runs, trying to draw in and complete the latching process (as usual), but of course it can't because the door is open a couple inches. If I hit the button again, the door will open normally. Checked the switch inputs with a scan tool and the only one that appears to be incorrect is the "Ratchet Switch". It shows as "open" whether the door is open or closed. At least so far, I haven't been able to find mention of the "ratchet switch" in the service information (in the latch assmy?). Door operates normally when sliding it manually, with no evidence of binding. Also, the door ajar switch for that door indicates the door is closed even with the door open. No “door ajar” icon on the dash or flashing 4-ways. Any suggestions on direction would be appreciated, or maybe even a primer on how it operates. Thanks!

UPDATE: Wondering about the Dorman harness, I tore apart the old harness and repaired it, and reinstalled it. Same problem.

Curtis Mechanic
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Sounds like you guys need to do voltage drop as door motor is cycling closed

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Paul Mechanic
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Does the opposite sliding door data show ratchet switch pid showing change of state when door is opened or closed?

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Geoff Diagnostician
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My exact thought too, Paul....if the data can be trusted, on whatever scan tool. And then what data changes when which connector is unplugged, if/when the SI is incomplete. Having a known-good, five feet away, is a real gift too. :-)

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Mike Owner/Technician
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if you only replaced this one harness, you will need to relearn the doors travel. It opens normally because its computer does not recognize a pinch sensor or blockage sensor on open.

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Gary Owner/Technician
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Customer needed vehicle for family use, and has yet to return it. I don't want to leave this hanging out there, but I've received some good ideas to follow up on. If it ends up being something good I'll report up. Many thanks!

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