Pico Education Series

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The Trained by Techs group developed a series of videos around the use the pico scope software. We will start with basic tests and move up to advanced testing. We will be updating this post as the videos become available. Thanks!

Video 1: Downloading PicoScope Software and Opening a file

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Luis Technician

Thank you Tanner and Trained by Techs. I much need it. was a Honda/Acura dealer tech for 15 yrs we never used a scope nor I saw anyone at the dealer use a scope. Now I’m at a independent shop and saving up to get a pico scope, currently using snap on. Eager to learn how to use pico scope.

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Geoff Diagnostician

That's cool. I need/use mine so infrequently I can never remember ANY of the advanced stuff that is in there. I watched the videos on the Pico channel to begin with. Forgot almost all of it.

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