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hi everyone. I am running into more programming situations which are involving USB configuration as well. My question to everyone out there is what has been your experience in the length of time these programming events that involve USB configuration has taken. Being a mobile tech I am curious if anyone has been stuck for 2 hours or more. I have primarily been involved with the GM vehicles so far.

David Diagnostician
Independence, Louisiana
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Are you referring to audio/video controller functions? I have done many Audio Control Modules on Ford Sync 2 systems this way. It takes about a hour on a Ford with installer support.

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Brad Diagnostician
Pullman, Washington
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In my experience most take quite awhile. A few of them will go fast but most not. Not uncommon for say a spark or something to take two hours. It really is a crap shoot.

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Richard Technician
Wpg, Manitoba
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My experience with USB programming is with Fiat vehicles and domestic F.C.A vehicles. I have found it to be very slow, especially when you have to download, unzip and then load the file. Two hours is not uncommon,,,, while you sit and pray it doesn't fail.

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Michael Owner
Pelham, Alabama
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They do take a while sometimes. Have you seen these three GM Techlink articles? They may be old news, but since you asked about USB-related programming I thought I'd throw them out there... gm-techlink​.​com/?p=6260 gm-techlink​.​com/?p=9669 gm-techlink​.​com/?p=11215

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Leo Technician
Rhinebeck, New York
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At Subaru, I do a lot of USB reflashes on Fujitsu and Harman radios. The Fujitsu radios require 2 file bundles, on 2 thumb drives, and 2 hours time spent is very common.

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