SENT protocol: experiments and decoding in Picoscope

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This is a collection of videos that describe what SENT protocol is, what its features are, and how to decode it in Picoscope. Please let me know if you notice any errors.





Scott Owner/Technician
Claremont, California
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Hello Dmitriy, These videos helped me out recently while performing research on a late model vehicle with a SENT enabled throttle body. Thanks to you I added both FAST and SLOW decoders and it appears that this vehicle is using both. Here is the slow table demonstrating the J2716 Standard being called out in the message string. Here's a link to the data file: Thank you!

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Dmitriy Analyst
Toronto, Ontario
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Very nice find, Scott, I’m glad these experiments have started paying dividends! I hope to cover PSI5 protocol soon.

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