Is There Demand For Technicians?

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I was looking at automotive jobs in the local want ads and this one caught my attention. jobs​.​ksl​.​com/listing/833129…;

If I were much younger I would have jumped at this even though it is on the fringe of my expertise. If I am reading it correctly they are offering $5000 to sign on and $5000 for factory training.


Chris Technician
Bryans Road, Maryland
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There is always a few dealers around my areas even some local shops once in a blue moon offering 5,000 signing bonus. It doesn't ever seem like those positions get filled or they are always looking

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Steve Technical Support Specialist
Gainesville, Florida
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It is a well done ad, but as always, no pay standards and: "A competitive compensation package that rewards high-performers" Do you think they are asking for techs that can slam brake pads or fix network shorts. Sounds real flatrate to me.

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Michael Mobile Technician
Clinton, Utah
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I sent in my resume to see how far it gets. I really am not interested in the job but my interest is piqued as to why they are willing to pay so much to get someone on board.

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Guan Diagnostician
Sacramento, California
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Oh please keep us updated on how that goes

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Geoff Diagnostician
Lahaina, Hawaii
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Careful, Mike. Powerful, the Dark Side is. lol

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Michael Diagnostician
Elmwood Park, Illinois
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Some ads like these can be scary. Some don't live up to be on the up and up so you never actually see the supposed bonus. Other times its a way to trap a employee for a year or so in a not so great enviroment. Then there are the few that come through and actually stand behind it which is great. They treat their employees right and do only high quality repairs. The problem there is the shop

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Hans Diagnostician
Salt Lake City, Utah
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We offered that much once to hire a couple techs. Management didn’t make any fine print and paid them up front. One guy lasted only a few weeks, the other about 9 months. Their individual bonus was more than the total I’ve ever received working for 11 years at the shop. Definitely a culture issue where I work!

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Michael Mobile Technician
Clinton, Utah
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Hi Hans, Sometimes we forget the ones that serve us every day. It would be good to have a discussion with your employer about your bonus plan. Maybe you should be getting a piece of the action along with your normal wage. The purpose of a signing bonus is not a reward but incentive to choose employer "A" over employer "B". It is important to make sure that the bonus has the "fine print"

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Matt Technician
De Soto, Missouri
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Our Chrysler store just brought a Level III guy from San Diego to Southeast Missouri. Because the talent pool is very thin for certified guys who can actually fix a vehicle.

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Martin Instructor
Burnaby, British Columbia
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Hi Mike. Offering signing bonuses can be the norm with dealerships, who have a tendency towards "poaching" technicians from one another. This was common practice during the '80s, that went away for a while and seems to be experiencing somewhat of a resurgence. Some dealerships may be reactive rather than proactive and try to "put out fires" with new hires, instead of investing in growing a

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Michael Mobile Technician
Clinton, Utah
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This dealership is only a few years old and has a nice facility. I have not investigated the management. It is in one of the wealthier areas of the state. Two Mercedes dealerships are advertising careers for Sprinter technicians. One offers a hiring bonus the other does not. Most of the technicians I know that work on Mercedes feel that the manufacturer takes care of them. In contrast many

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