J2534 and WiTECH 2.0

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Michael Christopherson had wrote a very good thread a few post down, and to not hijack his thread, I will start a new one here to "unload" the information I have on WiTECH 2.0 with a J2534 device.

First and foremost, understanding how the communication request in the software you perform actually makes it to the vehicle is very interesting, and needs to be understood in order to grasp the reason for its design.

The easiest way for me to do this is to provide an excerpt from my J2534 online class at L1Training​.​com

How you "VCI" really communicates with the FCA Vehicle!

Now to answer a few other questions:

Getting approval for your device: You PC is what is serialized and what actually gets approved. It is not a combination of PC and J2534. It is the PC alone. Once the PC is approved, you can use ANY J2534 device that has installed drivers to ATTEMPT to use the WiTECH 2.0 software.

I word it like that to be very specific. Only a handful of devices are validated for use, many other devices will work, even my old Bosch "Green Box" Mastertech has performed flashes on late model Chryslers.... where you run into trouble is vehicles with 3 and 4 CAN networks, my Bosch unit does not support that many CAN channels, thus it was not communicating with entire legs of the vehicles network.

On to system requirements:

Most new-ish laptops with windows 10 will meet the requirements for tech support to help you when you are in a pickle, but windows 7 does function. IF you only intend to use the partition or computer for 2010+ WiTECH 2.0 software, and not the included Legacy 2009 and older programmer, NO JAVA IS NEEDED at all! The very specific version of Java is only needed if files are to be downloaded.

I will expound on this some more, and try to answer as many questions as possible, but there is so much to this it takes up over an hour and a half in my 8 hour J2534 Class.

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Thanks! New subscriber. - Onelegged Hondamechanic

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Were you able to select and use mastertech VCI (green) with witech 2.0? i Have tried with MVCI as well as OTC J2534. Both give an error when selecting the device. Others have said the same, as well as passthru pro2 not working. my nexiq usblink2 worked well, then I purchased cardaq m with megacan.

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Interesting. I have tried my master tech mvci with no success as I cant seem to get it to load win 10. Maybe I am missing something. I have also tried numerous laptops and always get a rejection message. I will try again soon. I have witech 2 0 with micropod so it is just a backup anyway. I always like a plan b

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You must run the VCI installation in compatability mode.

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For my part, I use the Witech 2.0 program with the GM MDI interface. The Witech program works very well. Just for your information.

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Great info! I wonder If I can get my vxdiag j2534 for gm to work. Works great for all years of general motors. Fashes perfect and quick.

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