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Seats are filling up for the upcoming EEPROM hands on class held in Tucson Arizona March 26th & 27th. To get registered and reserve your seat please contact me via email at … or call/text

This class will be taught by Mike Christopherson in sunny Arizona. Class is going to be held in a classroom with central A/C.

Automotive Technicians Electronics Class

March 26th & 27th/2022

The ATE EEPROM and board level class is an adaptable class that teaches each student how to work with automotive control modules. Many OEMs have discontinued production of key failure parts that render a vehicle inoperative. OEMs are also eliminating the use of used modules. For instance, since GM introduced their Global A platform, programming a second hand part using factory tools and software is unlikely to succeed. 

EEPROM and board level work requires some understanding of control modules, the internal components and devices. These principles are taught in the class. At the conclusion of this class, the student will walk away with the confidence to open modules, search for target components and conduct repairs.

Class Goals

Creating a learning environment that utilizes more time with tactile learning and less with lecture material. By exposing students to tools, methods and instruction, the student becomes more familiar with how electronics interact with memory found in EEPROM and Micocontrollers. By physically working with the modules, the students have the opportunity to successfully complete cloning and programming. 

Core Material

This class is a fast paced walk through reading and writing memory. Some common memory locations are EEPROM, Emulated EEPROM, Flash, P_Flash, D_Flash. We discuss changing VIN to identify important data in HEX code using HEX editors with ACSII translation. In addition, methods to remove surface mounted components are discussed and practiced.

Engine ECU cloning is discussed. Methods include BDM, JTAG, BOot ROM, CAN and K-Line. BMW methods are discussed involving ISN security. VW/Audi modules with OTP (One Time Programming) are also discussed in this class.

Time is spent learning and understanding best soldering practices. The use of flux, hot air and soldering iron are covered. 

Since the class is adaptable, students are able to ask about particular procedures and the instructor is able to assist in requested learning.


$1500 per student.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided both days. Dinner will be provided on the 26th.


6052 N Oracle Rd

Tucson, AZ 85704


March 26th & 27th 2022.

26th 8am-5pm

27th 8am-3pm


Contact by email: …

Contact by phone:

To pay by card via PayPal:


To pay by check, please mail checks to: 

9526 N Stonebrook Drive

Tucson AZ 85743

For questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at or at …

Matt Technician

We were fortunate to host Mike and Pedro for this class in October here in Massachusetts. We had a great group of technicians many of whom brought projects to work on for all us to learn from. This cutting edge information is 2nd to none. It's well worth the money. Mike and Pedro's real world experience is impressive and translates well to the class material. I highly recommend if you can…

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Jeff Owner/Technician

Hey! The PayPal link is invalid. I sent you an email, but I haven't heard back, that is why I'm posting this here. Trying to register for this weekend. Thanks!

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