2010 Chrysler Town and Country 3.8 no power, CAnnot locate known good cmp/ckp

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2010 Chrysler Town & Country LX 3.8L (1) 4-spd (41TE)
Lack of Power

Please note before responding. There is no exhaust on this engine except for the manifolds and crossover pipe. There is a possibility my problem is in there. 

This vehicle runs just like a plugged cat. I am attaching several waveforms. I am a mobile driveability tech and can get back to this vehicle if I need to. There have been numerous parts put on this vehicle and it has been to 7 shops. 

I would appreciate a known good ckp/cmp if someone has it in .psd

Thanks Sam

UPDATE: I reattached the pico files. Something google drive must have done to them when synced with filestack. They are (or should be) .psd files. 

For your info here are the tests I have run with results. 

1. In cylinder every cylinder with a sync 25 PSI pressure on exhaust stroke during rev. Remember no exhaust on engine. 

2. Intake pressure wave form. WPS and a nicholson sensor

3. Exhaust pressure waveform WPS and nicholson sensor

4. CAM/Crank with cylinder pressure and sync on same cylinder. (cylinder 4) According to what I have found the Cam crank is correct. or super close. within 1 degree. 

I know the 25PSI is my problem. I expected if the manifold was collapsed to have different results in the back cylinders due to the layout of the exhaust. FYI this is a front manifold that uses a crossover pipe to the back manifold with a single discharge. I am ready to tell the shop to remove the manifolds and inspect. I would appreciate any input someone else may have. 

Tom Owner/Technician

I'm unable to open your PICO files, there is a .obj extension, like a 3d viewer. Can you save a screen shot and post that? I re-tried downloading a file this AM, it loaded correctly. The fault must have been on my end. The file I loaded (in cyl 2 synch 1​.​psdata) shows the exhaust opening very late....

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Tim Curriculum Developer

Here's a 2011 Wrangler 3.8L VIN 1 at hot idle.

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Laird Owner/Technician
Nova Scotia

Just wondering if you did an in cylinder pressure transducer test. It will show valve timing and also if you have a restriction in the exhaust system

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Dan Owner/Technician

...Check the air INTAKE TRACT for a plastic grocery sack having been sucked UP offa the freeway...I had one that sounded and acted JUST like stopped up exhaust ...had nada backpressure...so I looked at the other end...there it was...plastered on the air filter media. ...Dan H. ...South Texas...

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Jonathan Educator

Sam; Good morning Sir, I hope this message finds you doing well. Attached is one of your In-Cylinder Waveforms with an Overlay Applied. Looking at the Exhaust Plateau it seems "Retarded in Time". I've also attached some Valve Opening and Closing Specs for your 2010 3.8 Liter. According to Specs. the Exhaust Valve Opening should've occurred 46 Degrees BBDC I hope this helps, good luck

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Richard Technician
New York

Hi Sam, do you have any fuel trim or scanner data. Any codes being set on the vehicle. I would like to see how the o2's and the MAF respond to the increase demand for power. I'm not totally sold on a clogged exhaust yet. The files I looked at the back pressure was 0 at idle. I would think a clogged exhaust would still show some backpressure, even at idle. Im not saying your wrong, in fact your…

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