Symptom of a known good next to known bad solenoid in an Audi AVS system

Hans Diagnostician Utah Posted   Edited  
2009 Audi A4 Luxury 2.0L 8-spd

Had a P11A2 fault for cyl 1 A actuator. Pulled cyl 1 and cyl 2 A actuators and bench tested them and they both tested the same and good. Pulled cyl 1 B actuator and found it was physically bent and not extending the actuator correctly.

AVS installation from front to back of the engine is 1A1B - 2A2B - 3B3A - 4B4A. You can see on this capture that the cyl 1 A does not have the return signal hump that occurs after it's set the cam correctly. 

Cyl 2 (red trace) tries once, then succeeds the second time in moving the cam, Cyl 1 (blue trace) tries several times to set the cam.

I've also included a close up of a 2010 solenoid where I also measured the current. I believe that one was from a new replacement I installed.