ECU repair and reverse engineering

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Working in the field as a Mobile Diagnostic & Programming Specialist, as well as moving slowly into more Locksmith work as an VSP(Vehicle Security Professional), I am noticing a trend towards ECU repairs and reverse engineering as a option for repair and diagnosis. So I came across this tool called: CANtact and CL2000. Its a Open Source Car Tool designed for CAN Bus Sniffing. You can directly connect to your vehicle's ECU using a software called "wire shark". It allows you to see what modules are on the network and talking, and what is being said exactly. Seeing modules on the network and talking is not new, however knowing what is being said and manipulating that conversation is something that is becoming of interest in the vehicle programming world.

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Harold, Where is your Mobile Diagnostic business? Most of us on the Island know each other and network. Feel free to reach out if you ever need anything. This "sniffing" has been one of the latest buzz's in the industry. Like you said it is not new. Some companies have been making engineering tools behind the scenes for years for the OE for this purpose. Now a lot of them are selling their

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I while back I purchased a product from Germany called CAN Monitor Pro - CAN Bus Sniffer Software from a company called WGsoft​.​de I could see changes when operating things in the car like opening and closing a window. It just didn't seem practical for Auto repair to me unless you have a vast knowledge of computer programming and engineering. Hex and Binary makes my brain hurt. If they had

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Harold, I will have an article up on subject. Stay tuned....

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There is a piece of hardware called the Macchina M2 ,maybe have a look on that? It does require some effort though here and there, and some extra knowledge on other subjects.

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