No Dtc beeping after Dash R&R

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Case Study
2005 Acura MDX 3.5L (J35A5) 5-spd

A shop had just done a heater core and had the dash out of this vehicle. No codes in vehicle besides a Air Bag light for a passenger off indicator that was documented as present before dash work. 

After job was completed when ignition on or engine running there is a odd " Beep Beep Beep pause pause Beep Beep Beep" like code "3" that does not stop. Note that this is a similar but separate buzzer than the key in ignition / seat belt warning. Searching SI for dinging , chime , beep, I was lucky enough to find the diagnostic procedure for the multiplex module, sure enough this vehicle did not have the memory seat module. I was assuming a shorted / pinched harness.

Turns out the harness side of connector for the footwell light that is on driver lower hush panel is an exact fit for the multiplex diagnostic connector. NOTE the light connectors are gray in color and the multiplex diagnostic connector is green. Plugged in connectors correctly and all is well.


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Good work and thank you for posting!

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Oh, wow, never heard of that self-diag on the multiplexer before. Great tip!!!

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Great tip . Thanks

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