Program Tech2 or Pass-through, that is the question

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1999 Chevrolet Cavalier 2.2L (4 LN2) 4-spd (4T40-E)

I just have a real quick but real important question, thx for taking time out ur day to read and answer. I have a 1999 Cavalier that needs ecm to be programmed, but I only have J2534 pass-through programming capability. What are the chances I get this done without having Tech2. I was doing so good getting all jobs done with tech2win and passthrough j2534, lets hope I stay at 100%.

James Technician
Newport, Kentucky
James Update

Looks like it has class 2 and UART, I always thought UART is no no with pass through but it also has class 2 so I'm confused

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Ricardo Diagnostician
Plymouth, Michigan
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Pretty much anytime I have anything older than 02 I've always have to use tech 2, regardless I've always tried jbox but I don't remember anytime it worked . every time the jbox communicates read the vin but when I go to program just won't connect to the module

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Matt Technician
Gastonia, North Carolina
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I’ve had almost no success with anything older than 2002 using a MDI or Jbox. Ive always needed a tech2. But I know some will work.

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Troy Owner/Technician
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I have a snap on passthrough 2 its basically a drew tech pass through and ive programmed all the way up to 2010 chevy no issues other than being new to this

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Sam Mobile Technician
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A Good rule of thumb we use in our programming business is any GM that is older than 2005 we use the tech2, sometimes just as a backup. Several things happen. Sometimes it works just fine. Sometimes it will get to 75% and fail. IF IT FAILS LEAVE THE KEY ON AND START OVER. If it fails it will likely not get back to 75% on the next attempt. Make sure you have access to a tech 2 if you decide to…

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Daryll Diagnostician
Seymour, Tennessee
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I would expect you’re going to need a Tech 2.

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James Technician
Newport, Kentucky
James Resolution

I told our manager of the possible problems and we might need tech2 and possibly brick the module, so he went to his gm buddy who told him it would be fine to do J2534, so the manager programs it himself using J2534 and everything worked fine. I'll be damned.

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