Need Good K-Line Waveform 2004 Acura 3.5RL

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2004 Acura RL Premium 3.5L (C35A1) 4-spd (M5DA)
Loss Of Communication
Crank / No Start

Does anyone have a known good K Line waveform from this model you could share?

Caleb Diagnostician
Mishawaka, Indiana
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Any K Line I have ever seen is 0-12 v square wave on any make or model. There may be some exceptions but that's Mini to Nissan an more that I have done.

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Mike Technician
Atlanta, Georgia
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Yes I do have 12v. Matt Herold below posted up some good info. I wasn't getting a square wave but now I see it was because I didn't have the scanner hooked up communicating at the time.

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Jordan Technician
Reno, Nevada
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diag​.​net/msg/m5qhvg0f1t… Not sure if you saw this post from a few days ago or not.

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Ryan Owner/Technician
New Milford, New Jersey
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That is not a k line waveform. That's from the can bus on that vehicle. I wish I would of got a k line waveform from it. damn, sorry man!!!

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Rudy Technician
Montebello, California
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Mike- According to Alldata with ignition switch on; "battery voltage" Coincides with Calebs observations.

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Matt Technical Support Specialist
Dallas, Texas
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Have you seen this? diag​.​net/msg/m6886xplzk… Very good write up on communication networks by Mr. Augustine

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Mike Technician
Atlanta, Georgia
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Thank you! That helped a great deal!

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