2005 Volkswagen Beetle Tcm Interchangeability

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2005 Volkswagen Beetle GLS 2.0L (BEV) 6-spd (09G)—3VWCM31Y25M368799

car came in with a 00348 code. diagnosed bad tcm and sent tcm off to rebuilder. after couple of weeks they've called me back and said the tcm was not repairable. my question is, does this tcm have to be programmed if I install a known good used unit? I program most domestics, but don't see a lot of vw's

Oscar Technician
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I have had luck replacing TCM's with used units with older VW's in the past. I don't believe programming should be an issue with a used TCM, you may possibly have to alter the coding though.

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As long as it has the same size engine from the same year and it’s from a Beetle it will not need anything

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Mike Owner
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That was my assumption as well, appreciate it fellas.

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If I an not mistaken it might have to be coded to the car. I know abs modules have to coded​.​most scan tools should be able to do the coding. Check on ross- tech web sight they might have some information

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For what it's worth... last beetle tcm I did, got a used one and all was happy. didn't have to program or code. I don't remember the year though.

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