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2017 Jaguar F-Pace First Edition 3.0L (V) 8-spd (8HP70)
Clicking When Steering

2017 and on F-pace

Since being at the dealer and now in the independent world, I have started to notice an influx of clicking noise concern from many owners. Normally starts with “when I am turning the steering wheel there is a clicking noise.” 

Normally we will drive and find that at slow speeds, and slight steering input, a “clicking” noise is audible. Now, let’s save some time. As much as we are going to want to check the entire steering linkage, the issue is not there. 

When they were assembled and transported, the wheel bearing mating surfaces were contaminated with dust and debris. At times (see picture 1), this debris allows just enough clearance where the bearing can move enough to create a clicking noise that sounds like it is in the rack. 

Once we get to replacing the wheel bearings, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

The axle nuts, if you are working with an AWD f-pace, should only be removed and torqued by hand. Using impact will more than likely result in damage to the thread to the axle.

Torque specs for the hub and the axle nut are below

HUB to vertical link is a 4-stage torque procedure:

Stage 1) 30Nm

Stage 2)60Nm

Stage 3)90Nm 

Stage 4)120 degrees

Axle to hub (Once again, should be torqued by hand)

Helps to have the brakes fitted to apply brakes to torque.

With Original axle nut, torque to 175Nm. Remove axle nut and install new axle nut. Torque to 80Nm, and Final stage of 60 Degrees. 

The torque procedure is important, as I have tried to work around replacement of the axle nut for the final torque stage and found that the noise was still present. Returned replaced the nut and torqued as listed and noise went away. 

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Good job there Alan and very well written. Really good info, thanks a million.

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