2009 Camry stalls after start

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2009 Toyota Camry 2.4L (2AZ-FE) 5-spd (E351)

Hi DN, a happy new year to every one here. Vehicle came in with a complaint about the HVAC system but I noticed that once I start it up, it looks like it wants to stall but will manage to pick up. After checking the HVAC system u started the vehicle and it dies immediately but when I start with my foot on the gas pedal, it manages to stay on at high rev. Once I let go of the pedal, it dies down immidiately. Pls I need help asap. Thanks.

Miguel Mechanic
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I would check the idle air control valve

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Uzuorji Technician
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Hello Lopez, i think that is normal. It also reads 15% supply voltage when I checked on my scan tool.

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Rafael Owner
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I would check a vacuum leak.

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Jim Owner/Technician
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Clean the throttle body. Common problem,

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Brandon Technician
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We have had a similar issue with vehicles that have a dead battery or it was disconnected during repairs. I have had good luck with this procedure, but haven't found any official documentation for it: Do a battery reset, hold the cables together for a half hour, then put the cables back on. Remove the intake air boot and push the throttle blade fully closed, it is slightly sprung open with…

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Michael Diagnostician
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Clean the throttle body

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Dave Service Manager
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If battery has been replaced recently or disconnected for whatever reason the idle needs to be re-learned by which most have said by cleaning throttle body.

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Tanner Instructor
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Clean the throttle body, disconnect the battery first so the memory can reset while you do the throttle body cleaning. When you hook the battery back up and start it, it will re learn The idle.

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