No regular brake lights

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2001 Volvo S60 2.4L (B5244S) 5-spd (AW55-50SN) — YV1RS61R412075754

This has the third brake light only, no power to the regular brake light bulbs, no codes in any module,

This does not have the brake rely in the REM even though the wiring diagram shows one, in fact one slot where the rely would go has no wires in it, I believe it does not take a rely in this model

there is no power to the shunt 20/31 in the REM. Wiring diagram shows this is the last leg to the actual bulbs

Tried to activate the brake lights no results

When looking at the REM DATA the scanner shows the brakes on when I push the brake pedal and off when I release the pedal

The CEM has no data for brake lights or activation for brake lights

Looks like a bad REM.

Thanks for your help

Jeff Manager

The diagram I have shows a relay also that gets power from fuse D3 in the passenger compartment fuse box. If this diagram were true then the REM would pull the relay shut giving power to your brake light shunt and off to the brake lights. I would try to get an OEM diagram by the VIN and make sure you are not missing something, because without this relay according to the diagram the brake lights…

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Mark Technician

We have done a lot of these relays on 2001 S60 i have the oem Wiring diagram and there is a relay in the REM RM15 Hope this hleps check # 3 Fuse

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Fred Owner/Technician
Fred Resolution

My mistake, I was looking at the brake relay RMI 15 that slot is blank, I was to be looking at RM 15 not RMI. if I blew up the diagram I would of seen the letter I in RMI Lesson learned Thanks

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