Retrieving Honda Radio codes the easy way

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Today I found an easy way to retrieve Honda radio codes with out having to remove the radio or put a call into the dealer. While some Honda's will have a sticker with the code in the glove box, and/or some owners will write the code down in the owners manual, this is not always the case, and it can be a pain to have to call the Honda dealership and talk someone into looking up the code for you. 

First you will need to get the serial number off the radio unit, this can be done by turning the radio off then hold both the 1 and 6 keys while at the same time turning the radio back on this should display the units serial number. 

Second you will need the VIN number, this should be self explanatory. 

After you have these two peaces of information all you need to do is visit "radio-navicode​.​honda​.​com" click on the "get codes" tab fill in the vehicles information and you will instantly receive the radio code.

The important bits are the VIN and serial number, I used my personal phone number, email address, and zip code not the customers so if you don't have access to that information you don't need it. They will send a email to the email address you provide that will also have the radio code. 

I am posting this because in the past my go to, had been calling the dealer ship and simply asking and needless to say that's not very productive.

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I've known about this for years. Such a great asset.

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Kyle Technician
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Great tip Jeff! There is also a website for Acura codes as well. radio-navicode​.​acura​.​com Just use the same procedure. The email reply is always very quick.

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Jeffrey Technician
Claremont, California
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Thanks I wish I would have known about these sites years ago. Could have saved a lot of time and trouble over the years. I did some research and couldn't even find a post on direct hit about this most of the posted fix's consisted of a call to the dealership. But even if everyone knows if in the end it helps one person that doesn't its worth it.

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Marlin Technician
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A couple of additional notes. The navigation system serial number may end in a letter. Do no use this letter, or you will get an error message from the website. The code for the navigation system may end in a letter, which is disregarded if you unable to input letters.

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Luis Technician
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Also to get navigation serial number, you press map/menu/cancel buttons and hold them for a few seconds that will get you in the diag screen and from there you can get the serial number for the Navi unit which you will need a 4 digit code to turn on the navigation is separate from radio. This method and pressing the 1-6 buttons on the radio to get the serial # does NOT work for ALL honda/acura

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Cliff Diagnostician
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Thanks for the great information. I had this saved on my old laptop that died in the midst of running some waveforms . I saved this in my favorites,.

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Luis Technician
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Example 2006 Honda Accord EX with Navi to get serial number from radio you turn on ignition, turn off radio press the seek top button and the change disc top button then turn the radio the it will give you the serial number on the top display ignore the letter U and letter L get the number ls only. doing same steps when radio code is already inputed will also go into diag mode

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Terry Diagnostician
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Some excellent information Jeffrey! I used your tip today and worked! Saved a good half hour of calling dealer to get codes. Thanks. I’m liking this site more and more! T …

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Walter Technician
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Thanks for sharing, read the post long time ago and had a chance to use the info today.

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